B & E 105

About B&E 105

This course prepares pre-major students in the Gatton College of Business & Economics to use Microsoft Excel at a high level of proficiency. To access the instructional videos and practice files, logon to Canvas with your LinkBlue user id and password. There you will also find additional information on downloading and installing Office 2016 to your PC (or accessing the Windows version of Microsoft Office 2016 through the Citrix Receiver on your Mac).

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Basic Skills Unit 1

Simple calculations, cell references (relative, absolute, mixed), basic functions, tables, basic formatting, scatter plots, and histograms.

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Supply and Demand Unit 2

ROUND, MOD, and ROW functions, naming cells, conditional formatting, protecting cells, concatenation, more formatting options, graphing, goal seek, data validation, and macros.

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Retirement Planning Unit 3

IF functions, VLOOKUP, cell alignment, grouping rows, spinners, and retirement planning tables.

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Stock Portfolio Unit 4

VALUE, COUNTIF, WEBSERVICE, and FILTERXML functions, adding data from the web, PivotTables, pie charts, and stock charts.

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Assorted Tools Unit 5

Nested functions, INDEX(MATCH()), assorted functions, graphics, grouping, printing, and forecasting.

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